Our Mission

ArmorEye provides hard-hitting penetration tests and vulnerability assessments for companies committed to security.

We believe that our job is to go beyond a rubber stamp. We hit hard to make you stronger through patient, collaborative, and instructional approach to security.

At ArmorEye we don't hold our puches, because the bad guys won't hold them either

What we do

  • Vulnerability Assessment (VA)

    We hit you with all we've got. Bad guys don't hold back their punches either. Unlike the bad guys, for each vulnerability, we share proof-of-concept code with you. When you see it, you understand it. When you understand it, you can fix it.

    Thanks to cloud computing and virtualization, we don't actually "break" anything irreplaceable during our tests. We break your security, and we might even break some egos, but we work with you to make sure that your production/live infrastructure stays unaffected

  • Remediation

    When we deliver your vulnerability report, our work doesn't end there. We use it as a teaching opportunity. We teach you how a real hacker would have exploited each vulnerability and help you engineer effective fixes.

    If you didn't happen to do a VA through ArmorEye, that's ok. We know that many competitors and automated vulnerability scanning services leave you hanging at this important step, we are more than happy to step in where they left off. We will help you understand the meaning of the report, sort out any false positives and Teach to Fix.

  • Re-Test

    Once you fix 100% of medium and high severity vulnerabilities identified in a previous report, you get an ArmorEye certificate and a badge confirming that achievement. It is something to be proud of.

    A re-test is not as hard core as a Vulnerability Assessment is. During a re-test, we are not looking for new vulnerabilities; we are only testing whether the previously identified vulnerabilities have been fixed effectively. For that reason we can even do this based on some 3rd party vulnerability assessments.

Get Started

Whether you are looking for a penetration test, vulnerability assessment, or help with an ongoing attack, you probably have a lot of questions. Book a complimentary consultation. Together we will figure out the game plan, and take it from there.